What is Digital Asset Management?

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is company archiving and management of digital assets that represent either intellectual or commercial value. DAM is also another term for media bank, media database, image bank, image library, image archive, video archive, online archive - we call it Kontainer.

Digital assets are multimedia resources such as images, video, audio, animation, etc. The files are designed to be used and re-used in many different contexts and on many different platforms and, therefore, also have a long life expectancy.

A DAM system makes it possible to structure and distribute digital archives from one central place. From here, you can manage the files’ corresponding metadata and keywords, so that it will be easy to find and reuse the files. You can, for example, also collect a selection of files that you want to share from various folders in the system into one presentation folder / lightbox without the files being copied. In this way, you can reuse the company’s file elements appropriately, reduce the need for storage space and prevent the same file from being located and taking up space in different folders.

In addition, Kontainer also provides advanced user management, which makes it possible to control which users have which rights. Anyone who has been given access to the DAM system or selected folders, only needs an internet connection to be able to gain a quick overview of approved and available material regardless of where and when. An optimal tool for the creation of an official press site where you want to provide journalists with instant access and the ability to download selected and relevant media files.

DAM systems have long been a necessary tool in many large companies’ marketing departments. With the increasing number of files such as pictures, videos, audio files, etc., which all of today’s businesses are building up, most small businesses now also have a clear need for a new archive and file-sharing system. Especially because the number of video productions is currently exploding in organizations. Video communication is now used in virtually everything from product videos, documentation and video tutorials to reports and information from management and senior management, general branding videos for external use and video blogs for internal knowledge sharing.

Cisco has recently warned that in 2018, 80% of Internet traffic will be video, i.e. the demand for a professional file exchange tool is on the increase. Kontainer has been on the market since 2001 and has covered the need for many large and small businesses throughout the years. The system has been continually developed and adapted in line with customer needs and Kontainer is today market leader as a Danish web-based Digital Asset Management system.

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