Exchange of big film, video and audio clips in a variety of formats for many different partners.
The media industry’s major challenges for file storage and file exchange between many involved parties can be resolved easily and simply with Kontainer. In the film, television and video industry, it has always been a challenge to exchange, present and comment on the individual footages, return them with suggestions, corrections, and own input. Very often there are multiple parties involved in the process. The producer, director, sound engineer, film editor and possibly advertising agency and customers, need to access the total material, but with different rights of access. Kontainer provides the optimal tool for file sharing and presentation.

Conversion of video formats
Kontainer contains a simple conversion tool so that all film formats can easily be converted to various commonly used formats: QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash, etc. It is easy to send direct links from there to film clips, raw footage or a complete production by e-mail or post a view on the web site.


The Map Controls
In Kontainer, film and TV companies can create a folder for each project and ensure that only those who are associated with the individual projects have access to that directory. Here it is possible to exchange, present and comment on versions of film clips, casting shots, location shots, production schedules, address lists, audio files, soundtracks, etc.


In Kontainer it is also easy to hear a sound clip or see a preview of a film clip and thus ensure that it is the correct version before it is downloaded.

Here is shown which fileformats Kontainer can handle when used as FTP alternative.


Today, music companies and independent artists, in connection with a music release, share material with far more internal and external partners than in the past. Competition is stronger than ever and it is important to appear professional throughout. Kontainer ensures professional and safe handling of files when music, images, videos, promotion videos, production schedules, artwork, press releases, etc. are exchanged between the involved parties.

In Kontainer the music company, the studio or the individual artist creates a folder for each music release and ensures that relevant persons, related to the individual releases, have access to the respective folders and sub-folders. Different versions of tracks, music files, audio files, press photos, production schedules, address lists, etc. can then be exchanged and presented here. It is straightforward and easy in Kontainer to hear a sound clip or see a preview of a music video, so you can see that it is the right version, before it is downloaded.

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