Kontainer is used by some of the biggest companies in the Danish fashion industry for archiving, presentation and file sharing of PR-material.

With Kontainer it is easy and straightforward to exchange and present, for example, images and video footage to distributors and agencies, as well as sharing relevant PR-material with the press through an official press site created with Kontainer. With individual password protection, you can present parts of the coming collection without fear of untimely leaks.

Kontainer also makes it easier for individual designers and the team around them, since Kontainer can be used as an online media bank, not only for PR- material but also as an archive for the designer’s sketches, inspirational material, former collections, model records, etc.

Kontainer can easily and quickly be integrated into your own website and appear in visually harmony with your logo and colours. Thus, your customers can experience Kontainer as part of your digital platforms.

Read about how photographers use Kontainer as an image archive.


 There is shown an example of archiving in a media bank
Kontainer’s picture archive has provided Bruuns Bazaar with a transparent and userfriendly picture base which we use several times daily.

 Kontainer has provided us with a better overview of our picture archive, and we have gained more control of when and where the individual pictures are applied. This is due to the simple way we can individualise what material should be accessible for the individual user. Moreover, we apply Kontainer for an easy and fast generation of contact sheets, PDF files and slideshows of selected picture material to make previews for the press and customers. Kontainer is a very professional and efficient tool in our daily life.
Teis Bruun - Bruuns Bazaar