File exchange and document archive for the advertising and communications industry

For communications companies of all kinds, Kontainer is the ideal tool. With Kontainer, it is possible to be hand over, archive, present, and share all kinds of files and documents in a professional and functional way.

In Kontainer, it is always easy to find the important project documents, images, videos and the necessary file folders because the whole system is built around a professional and straightforward user interface and includes an effective search feature.

Kontainer can also be set up to be an integral part of your company’s website with your company’s logo and colour theme. In relation to the company’s other digital platforms, Kontainer will appear attractive, aesthetic and professional.

Read about how various manufacturing companies use Kontainer as an image bank and press site.

This shows a media bank and a press site in Kontainer
Kontainer is to us an invaluable tool that provides an overview and ensures that all our colleagues across the S&S, stay updated. At the same time, it lets us maintain a good service to our customers who can always find relevant documents during the production process. Kontainer is easy to use for both colleagues and customers, and saves us time every day at work.
Anna-Marie Elkjær - Saatchi & Saatchi