In general, companies use Kontainer because they want to maximize the return on their investments in the production of images, video, audio, creative files and other marketing materials.

Since 2001, Kontainer has been in cooperation with some of the country’s largest companies and busiest marketing departments. We know that video today is an important communication tool for most companies; it has a high value and requires an optimal archiving and sharing tool such as Kontainer. In addition, we have developed a number of other features in Kontainer, which makes us especially attractive for the broad and creative communications industry.

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Having Kontainer implemented in the daily work flow means that:

  • The incidence of multiple versions of the same file, located in different folders, is considerably reduced.
  • Use of storage space is also reduced, by having your original file stored in only one place.
  • Employees and business partners know where they can find relevant material.
  • Files of all sorts can easily be shared between departments, resellers, and partners.
  • Companies can save time and money due to a digital overview and fast file sharing.