At Universal we apply Kontainer daily for file exchange. The possibility for easily creating a new user with limited access allows for exchanging press photos and new music in a safe and simple way. And you do not have to worry about it being accessible on the Internet the next day. 
 Moreover, we apply Kontainer for uploading graphics for printing and pictures of high resolution
Nicoline Tardini, Universal






Presentation of companies that use Kontainer as image archive and for secure file sharing   Here is shown the platform from where companies manage secure professional file sharing, their image archive and ensure reuse of their digital files.  

Digital Asset Management is intelligent archiving and reuse of the company’s digital files. Kontainer has been on the market for 14 years and is used daily by many large and small companies.


Kontainer is web-based and therefore requires no installation. Upload your files, regardless of format, archive them and share selected material with customers and partners quickly and easily.


Do you have questions or need to speak to a DAM-expert? Call or write to us entirely without binding:

+45 3311 2003 (workdays from 8am-4pm)